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Imagine a place where you can relax, take your shoes off and get away from it all over the weekend. This is what PUDGi (Pa~ji) is. An oasis within an urban confine where you can stay or just spend a few hours before your flight at KLIA, 14 kilometers away.

Take a weekend or a whole week off, let the village life seeps into your system, get fit and eat wholesome food just a doorstep away. This urban oasis so near the city but far enough to let you relax like the writers far and wide who had come here to reconnect with nature and find inspirations is open for you to tap into.

Khairul & Nani

Know Us

We are Khairul and Nani, a cat-loving couple who live on this 10-acre land where we maintain one of the last remaining small-holding plantations area with mixture of rubber trees, palm-oil trees, fruits orchard and fish ponds. We enjoy traveling sharing our stories while entertaining guests. If you are lucky there will be fruits from our orchards.

Our 10-acre land has many offerings which can be tapped to help people to rejuvenate. We have a housing complex with two homestay with 2 bedrooms each, a library and an open kitchen for cooking with dapur kayu or you can barbecue here facing our mix plantations of the rubber trees and agar woods and herbs garden. There’s fish farm and a palm-oil trees for educational purposes. Glamping with facilities and showers are on offer with a unique cabin in the wood experience.

Writers, painters, artists and fitness guru came here for retreat from their every day life to find inspirations and new ideas. Some come to enjoy the pace a village life able to offer as a respite from the modern world. Right at our doorstep, we have traditional cafes offering food cooked by well-known chefs who had been featured internationally on cooking shows.

Read Our Testimonials

Khairul and Nani are incredibly warm and friendly. They were knowledgeable about their lands and were great at communicating throughout the entire process. Khairul is also a local author and it was really interesting to learn more about his books!

CharmaineAirbnb Experience Customer

We had a great time! Heavy rain delayed our experience a bit but we had a lovely lunch and felt very welcomed at home by Khairal and Nini. We then went on to do some tapping having watched a couple of videos while waiting for the rain to relent a bit. We found this surprisingly therapeutic and really enjoyed it! Thank you!

EstherAirbnb Experience Customer

Absolutely loved this place situated less than an hour out of the city. Super cool concept with interesting activities to do. Cannot wait to return here for a stargazing session when the skies are clear!!

Jonathan YipSocial Media Influencer

Dah sertai dua kali sesi write weekend di sini & dua buah manuskrip berjaya disiapkan dan di emel ke penerbit.

Lokman HakimProlific Writer

Best place for outdoor photo shoot! Nice color tone of pokok getah n gaharu!

Hafiz WahidWedding Photographer

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Why wait. Stop by and experience heaven.

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